What clients say.

Turning Point Makes a Real Difference

The story of just one client can illustrate the positive changes those with mental illnesses can make in their lives, with the right help.

Mike’s journey to a productive life, in which he holds a job, owns a car, has his own place to live, and helps run one of Turning Point Foundation’s clubhouse centers, was a long one. A graduate of Hueneme High School, Mike spent years battling schizophrenia, beginning at age 21 when he had a breakdown and spent a year in a state hospital. Though he started taking medication for his illness, these drugs were not completely helpful until he tried a new medication in 1999, whereupon his life, with the help of Turning Point Foundation, took a dramatic upswing.

Turning Point Foundation Client
“Turning Point’s Ventura clubhouse gave me a second chance at life. The staff helped me believe I could have a better life and participate fully in society. They encouraged me to work and to live independently and they were true to the idea of self-help. Through counseling and group activities, I learned how to communicate with the outside world. The staff taught me to ask for what I needed.

I’ve been working at my job for three years; I enjoy the challenges and independence it gives me. I help prepare lunch every day at the center and serve on the member council, helping to decide on group outings, paying clients bonus bucks for chores, and advising the staff on the client’s perspective. I like helping other clients by setting a good example. If I can become independent, they can too.”