Spring Has Sprung at Growing Works

Just in time for Arbor Day, we're excited to see our first plants sprout at the Growing Works nursery, and how appropriate that they are Quercus Lobatas, valley oaks that will grow strong and resilient. These are the same attributes we hope to inspire in the nursery's employees who will be empowered with jobs and horticultural therapy on their path to mental wellness. Thank you to CSUCI psychology students who volunteered and started our first inaugural plants that we will add to our nursery.

Growing Works Labyrinth

This beautiful 70' diameter labyrinth has been designed for our Demonstration Gardens by our (volunteer) landscape architect Steven Sandifer.

The labyrinth will have decomposed granite paths lined with plants and the rocks we gathered at our Rock Party with help from some of our start-up helpers. The non-profit Turning Point Foundation is looking for a sponsor to pay for the materials to build the labyrinth, which will be built by our volunteers.

Thank You Seabees

We also wish to thank the Seabees from Naval Base Ventura County for volunteering their evenings and weekend days to clear the land for our Growing Works nursery. Next up is irrigation and bring on the plants!

Owl Boxes

We also are delighted with the new owl boxes our County's Probation youth built and installed on the Growing Works site. Owls have been found to be more effective at rodent control than poisons that are harmful to wildlife. A much preferred pest control method for a healthy environment!