The Countdown is On!

The Growing Works non-profit nursery is about to launch! Just in time for lift-off, with Ventura County’s mission support, Turning Point Foundation has commenced a new Growing Works webpage, plants are being ordered, and team leaders assembled. Here are 10 reasons why we’ve come so far:

10 Generous Donors:

  • David Martinez, Marz Farms
  • Eric johanson, Johanson Ventures, Inc.
  • Yvon Chouinard Family, Baltoro Trust
  • Jack Edelstein, Hope Foundation
  • Ginger & Steve Pollack
  • Larry Janss
  • Mary & William Bang
  • Harold Edwards, Limoneira Foundation
  • Andrew Wade Friendship Foundation
  • Ventura County Community Foundation

9 sturdy greenhouse tables built by Nursery Developer Dennis Perry and eager volunteers, including CSUCI students. The tables will hold thousands of oak seedlings and other drought tolerant plants.

8 More Weeks of enthusiastic donors and volunteers continuing to boost nursery development for our July opening.

days a week, 365 days a year that Growing Works is on our minds and in our hearts. 

major entities that stepped up mightily: Seabees, Blois Construction, CSUCI, Amgen, Carlson Building Materials...and Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters that donated this expertly crafted bench to go around our signature oak in the Demonstration Gardens.

day-a-week program that will offer Growing Works employees horticultural therapy and job training in a healing and supportive environment to help them on their path to mental wellness and independence.

awesome Growing Works neighbors and partners: Casa Pacifica, RAIN Project,Villa Calleguas, and CSUCI, with partnerships that will continue to grow and flourish.

cheers for the California Conservation Corps and their energetic and hardworking crews that cleared the land of tumbleweeds, moved in nursery equipment and plants, and trimmed trees to help us get the site ready.

acres of Demonstration Gardens that will include native and drought tolerant plants from oak woodlands and oak savannahs, vernal pool and riparian habitats, mediterraneans, succulents and bird/butterfly/pollinator habitat. The Gardens will also have a 70-ft wide labyrinth that can be a great naming opportunity for just the right donor!

shared vision of Growing Works employees moving on to jobs in the workforce, and the cheering and high-fiving that follows!

We are so grateful for the heavy lifting of Growing Works start-up boosters who have gotten us this far! With still some distance yet to go we invite you to the Turning Point Foundation website to see what you can do to help this stellar program blast-off!

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