One of thousands of recovery stories

Psychotic and paranoid, our son was on the streets. Again. He’d been in the psychiatric facility on an involuntary hold, then their after- discharge facility, the Thomas Fire shelter, the Rescue Mission, the winter warming shelter. Because of delusions and anxiety, none of them were a good place for him.

Often-incoherent texts and calls revealed that all his “stuff” was lost or stolen. Though it breaks our hearts, he cannot be with us, as with all families of the mentally ill, it’s a long story.

Somehow, he found his way to Turning Point Foundation. We think someone at the winter shelter may have referred or taken him. At the Turning Point shelter they knew how to treat him and, more importantly, recognized that here was someone who both needed and would accept help. They gave him a place to sleep, food, and guidance into Behavioral Health and other avenues of assistance.

Today he is still at Turning Point, taking the proper medications, seeing his doctor regularly, and applying for disability. He has a case manager. We see him regularly, and while we know this is just one point on the zig-zag life of the chronically mentally ill, it give us hope.

We will always be grateful to Turning Point; being there has been truly
a turning point in our son’s life