Growing Works Wish List


Contact Turning Point Foundation at (805) 652-0000 if you would like assistance with your donation or if you would like to schedule a tour.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

$300,000 – Veterans Program extends the program to 100 veterans.

$100,000 – Water Conservation Program funds a filtering system that maximizes the use of recycled water.

$100,000 – Sustainability Program adds solar power and a rainwater capture system for environmental and economic sustainability.

$100,000 – Green Certificate Program provides  20 advanced employees a certificate program in conjunction with the UC Extension to increase their hire-ability.

$50,000 – Labyrinth funds installation of a 70’ wide living labyrinth lined with plants and rocks.

$25,000 – Serenity Garden offers employees a quiet place where they can take a peaceful pause from work, and includes benches, a bird fountain and flowering plants.

$20,000 – Vehicle Sponsorship funds go towards new or used pick-up and delivery trucks, three small utility vehicles (gators), and four 3-wheel bicycles with baskets. Option to have your company’s logo.

$10,000 – Growing Works Signage on building and on Lewis Road.

$10,000 – Healthy Nutrition Program brings a nutrition program and vegetable garden for the health of our employees, with extra to spare for our neighbors in supported housing.

$10,000 – Botanical Design by CSUCI art students made into a vinyl wrap to beautify the 50’ high water tower located on the property.

Seed Money – All sizes of contributions welcome! Funds will buy seeds and plants for our employees to grow and stock our nursery. 

Ground Cover

  • Lots of Compost
  • Lots of Mulch
  • Lots of Rocks
  • Lots of Gravel
  • Lots of Decomposed Granite
  • 67,000 sf – ground cloth
  • 400 sq. feet Sub-surface ground screen
  • Lots of Pots


  • Shovels
  • Rakes
  • Brooms
  • Big scoops
  • Tree saws
  • Picks
  • Indoor/outdoor vacuum