Housing Programs

Everyone needs safe, decent, stable housing. For some of the most vulnerable people in America — people with mental illness, chronic health conditions, histories of trauma, and other struggles — a home helps them to get adequate treatment and start on the path toward recovery (Center of Budget & Priority Policies).

Our Place Safe Haven

Our Place Safe Haven is a 14-bed emergency shelter that provides basic needs so people can work on turning their lives around.

River Haven

River Haven is a new beginning for homeless individuals who are ready to transition into our local community.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent housing programs are designed to assist residents in developing community living skills, increasing community integration, and achieving lasting residential stability.

Veterans Housing

Veterans are at least 20% of the homeless population and 30% of those were suffering from mental illness.

Stories of Hope

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Closing the Gap Between Food Insecurity

What’s food got to do with it? We all know that good food choices lead to better physical health and well-being. But, good food choices are also a major contributor to psychological well-being. The scientific relationship between what we eat and how we feel is known as “Nutritional Psychology.” Harvard has a great article explaining

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Project Room Key

Image by Ventura County Reporter Temporary Housing for the Homeless Project Room Key was developed to provide temporary housing to people experiencing homelessness with the goal of reducing spread during the initial COVID case spike, and providing a safe space for anyone infected to recover. However, we know that just providing a haven – a

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Veterans Day

This year we celebrate occasions like Veteran’s Day differently. You can let our veterans know you appreciate them by taking the time to thank them personally by calling 805 321-0545 and making a donation to Turning Point’s Veteran’s program.  Donate to our Veteran’s Program At Turning Point’s Vince Street Veteran’s Program in Ventura, homeless veterans

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Flu Season + COVID19 can Bring Extra Anxiety

COVID-19 continues to be on our mind — but don’t forget that flu season is here too. Ventura County, Health Care Agency, has free Community Flu Clinics available. Vaccine schedule It’s natural to feel concerned and even a little anxious about the news of a surge of COVID-19 cases and the upcoming flu season. Some concern

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