R.I.S.E. Program – Rapid Integrated Support & Engagement

Rapid Integrated Support & Engagement (RISE) is a program designed to support building bridges to treatment for individuals unable or unwilling to access help.

The RISE program is offered by Ventura County Behavioral Health (VCBH) specifically to encourage and enable individuals in these situations to get assessment and treatment through a team of VCBH clinicians and Community Service Coordinators.  VCBH contracts with Turning Point Foundation to have peer-based recovery specialists be part of the RISE team (who support outreach and engagement efforts).  Again, if someone has or appears to have mental health problems and is unable or unwilling to access assessment and/or treatment, RISE can help.  

Please visit RISE Program – Ventura County Behavioral Health (vcbh.org)  for more information.


  •  … who has been released from a psychiatric facility but isn’t following up with outpatient treatment?
  • … who is homeless and has a mental illness but currently refuses treatment?
  • … with serious mental health problems who is unable to access outpatient mental health clinics without assistance?
  • …whose symptoms are so severe that they cannot leave their home?
  • …who is having difficulty managing their symptoms in a public setting?
  • …who appears to be experiencing a low-level crisis due to mental illness and is impacting the community?
There are 3 ways to refer someone to RISE:
  1. Call the RISE Engager of the Day: (805) 981-4233
  2. Fax the referral form to RISE: (805) 981-9268
  3. Email the referral form: Riseprogram@ventura.org. Go to VCBH website
  4. If a person is experiencing a moderate or high risk crisis – if their words or behaviors suggest they may harm themselves or others, or if they appear to be gravely disabled contact the Crisis Team at 1-866-998-2243 or call 911 immediately.