Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life for adults experiencing serious mental illness, addiction, lack of housing and inadequate physical health care.


Permanent Supported Housing provides housing for people with mental health, most of whom have experienced homelessness and have regained their independent living skills. These permanent housing programs are designed to assist residents in maintaining community living skills and integration while achieving lasting residential stability.

Mental Health

If you or someone you love is feeling like you need a little more support right now, or someone to talk to, please call our Wellness Line. If we cannot answer your question immediately, we will work with you to find the appropriate resource by Turning Point in Camarillo.

Rehab & Recovery

Oxnard Clubhouse located on 5th Street in Oxnard and New Visions Center located in Ventura are rehabilitation centers offering members struggling with severe mental illnesses a place to learn how to live more independently and integrate back into our community.