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This time is really hard. Sustained hardship, whatever form it takes, can have an impact on your mental health. And you’re certainly not alone. If you could use a little help in coping with everything at the moment, call us. We can talk about coping and tools we can share.

Wellness Line
(805) 653-5045
HEALING for those struggling with mental illness

If you need help please reach out to our Wellness Center at (805) 653-5054.

HAVEN for the homeless

Offering emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing.

HOPE for Veterans

Our Veterans Transitional Housing Program is for homeless veterans who may also be suffering from mental illness.

Growing Works Program

Job-training and horticultural therapy at our non-profit nursery.


Offering Healing, Haven and Hope for people struggling with mental illness.

We help people deal with the day-to-day challenges of mental health issues.

Turning Point has operated community-based mental health programs in Ventura County for over 30 years. Their programs address the full range of personal needs, including a homeless shelter to meet necessary physical and safety requirements, supported housing to provide decent, affordable housing and rehabilitation and socialization centers to provide meaningful, productive activities, companionship and a sense of purpose.

Because of the myths and stigmas attached to mental illness, many people struggle with its effects alone and unaware that their symptoms can be controlled by medication and the functional problems they experience can be addressed through rehabilitation and support services. We work with our clients to reverse the devastating effects of their illnesses, such as job loss, homelessness, isolation, addiction, incarceration, and even thoughts of suicide.

Healing towards Mental Wellness

Our programs focus on empowering members and to help them develop their own Wellness and Recovery plans, participate in Center activities and schedule, and take ownership of the Center recovery programming.

Haven – A Place to call Home

Homeless to Home/Health Navigator/Street Outreach programs reach out into the community where the homeless are. Our Place Safe Haven is the first stop on the road to recovery for the homeless with mental illness.

Hope for our Veterans

Our Veterans Transitional Housing Program is for our veterans experiencing homelessness and who may also be suffering from mental illness and in Ventura County.

Turning Point Programs and More

Growing Works Project

Turning Point Foundation is helping provide vocational skills for those struggling with mental illness by teaching gardening skills.


Providing transitional and permanent supportive housing for those experiencing homelessness, including veterans, with wrap around support and mental wellness programs.

Mental Wellness

Turning Point’s Mental Wellness programs allow individuals to get off the street and enables them to receive assistance.

Serving Our Veterans

We offer programs to address the individual needs of our veterans experiencing homelessness with combined Ventura County social services programs.

Ways to Care

Your support ensures we can continue to provide critically needed services for those who are mentally ill and homeless.

Upcoming Events

Due to COVID, Turning Point Foundation has had to cancel events. We still offer support through our Wellness Line (805) 653-5045.

News and Updates

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