Positive places of recovery for people struggling with mental illness.

For 30 years, Turning Point has operated community-based mental health programs in Ventura County. These programs address the full range of human needs, including: a homeless shelter to meet basic physical and safety needs; supported housing to provide decent, affordable housing; and rehabilitation and socialization centers to provide meaningful, productive activities, companionship and a sense of purpose.


Our Place Safe Haven provides emergency housing for ten residents and outreach and drop-in services for hundreds of non-residents. River Haven is home to a group of previously homeless county residents. They have created a self-sustaining tent community where their basic needs can be met in a stable, sanitary environment free of violence, drugs and alcohol until they are able to access housing. We also offer permanent supported housing.

Mental Wellness

Turning Point’s Mental Wellness programs have 718 people participating, some daily. Our Rehabilitation Centers foster an environment of acceptance and mutual support, where members find friends and caring staff to assist them in their quest to accomplish self-responsibility.


Turning Point Foundation’s Street Outreach Program showed that Veterans are at least 20% of the homeless population and 30% of those were suffering from mental illness. Turning Point felt compelled to take action and we have expanded our programs to address the individual needs of our veterans bringing together all the social services in Ventura County creating a safety net of support for those that have given so much. We remodeled a building for the Veteran’s Transitional Housing which opened in August of 2015.

Growing Works

Growing Works is a program, run by Turning Point Foundation, to assist people with mental illness on a path to wellness with job-training, employment and horticultural therapy at a non-profit plan nursery.