Veterans Transitional Housing

Turning Point Foundation’s Street Outreach Program showed that Veterans are at least 20% of the homeless population and 30% of those were suffering from mental illness. Turning Point felt compelled to take action and we have expanded our programs to address the individual needs of our veterans bringing together all the social services in Ventura County creating a safety net of support for those that have given so much. We remodeled a building for the Veteran’s Transitional Housingwhich opened in August of 2015.

At Turning Point’s Vince Street Veteran’s Program, homeless veterans complete a comprehensive Intake Assessment to identify their areas of strength, weakness, vulnerabilities, & needs. Referrals to outside agencies & resources to address those supportive needs, assistance with employment, housing applications, as well as direct case management services to support & assist them every step of the way. If our Veteran is experiencing issues with alcohol or drug addiction, they are offered referral services to assist them. Turning Point provides transitional housing with the goal of each Veteran obtaining permanent housing placement within six (6) months & extensions may be approved at the discretion of the V.A.

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Contact Information

Becky Spring, LPT,MSW
Program Manager
43 E. Vince St., Ventura 93001

Military Crisis Line
Press 1 or text 838355

Needs List

$750 Feeds 15 Vets per month Donate 

  • 15-6 packs of heavy socks
  • 15 Twin blankets
  • 15 Twin sheet sets
  • 15 Pillows
  • 15 Packs Razors
  • 15 Cans of Shaving cream
  • 15 Deodorants
  • 15 Toothbrushes
  • 15 Tubes of Toothpaste
  • 15 Packs of Dental Floss
  • 15 Bottles of Mouthwash
  • 15 Bottles of Shower gel
  • 15 Bottles of Body lotion
  • 15 Bottles of Shampoos
  • 15 Bottles of Conditioners
  • Cleaning supplies
  • H.E. Laundry Detergent
  • Pots and pans
  • Plates and flatware
  • Bowls
  • Microwaves- small individual meals
  • PPE – Masks and Gloves

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