Growing Works

Providing vocational skills for those struggling with mental illness

Growing Works is a project, run by Turning Point Foundation, to assist people with mental illness on a path to wellness with job-training, employment and horticultural therapy at a non-profit plant nursery.

Using a combination of horticultural therapy and vocational training, Growing Works will provide employment and a supportive environment for personal growth. Employees will work in a supervised setting that rewards responsibility and initiative and strengthens their social skills among peers. Working outdoors will significantly contribute to recovery from mental illness and support physical health too.

Growing Works will grow and sell high quality, drought tolerant plants including California native, Mediterranean perennials, and succulents. Plant sales, job training services, and financial contributions will help to sustain the operation.

Growing Works Vision

San Luis Obispo, Growing Grounds Farm

Inspired by San Luis Obispo program, Growing Grounds Farms where the program has been running for 30 years, and like their program, our Growing Works nursery will provide jobs and job training for people with mental illness, including veterans with PTSD.

Located in Camarillo, CA
1736 South Lewis Road

The site of the nursery is on Lewis Road in Camarillo. The County-owned property has several acres of vacant land and a building with office and classroom space. It is also adjacent to housing for people with mental illness and near Channel Islands University.

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