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Oxnard Clubhouse

The Oxnard Clubhouse, is a rehabilitation centers offering members struggling with severe mental illnesses a place to learn symptom management skills, improve their community living skills, learn to live more independently, engage in work and productive activities, participate in recreational activities and become integrated back into our communities.

VCBH referred clients receive mental health rehabilitation, vocational services including work training and paid work experience, as well as hot meals.

Anxiety and depression are the world’s most common mental challenge, affecting approximately 16 percent of adults at some point in their lives. There are various forms of anxiety. Without treatment, they can become severe and persistent and can lead to physical symptoms. Stress-related events, such as the holidays & birthdays, trigger half of all depressive episodes.

If you or someone you know is suffering with depression or anxiety educate yourself and get help from a doctor. Medication and therapy are scientifically proven to help improve your mood.

We can help you connect with Ventura County Behavioral Health for a referral.

Location: 426 W. 5th St., Oxnard, CA
Hours: 9am – 2pm, Monday – Friday
Phone: (805) 247-0750

Kalie Matisek, LMFT
Clinical Director
805-652-0029 x 126

Dana Secor, LMFT
Rehabilitation Program Manager
805-247-0750 x 118