Growing Works Grows, Thanks to You!

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We know how important Growing Works is for people with mental health challenges. What we didn’t know was how it would be so welcomed by the community. Now as we look back over the year, we count the start-up of the Growing Works nursery by Turning Point Foundation to be one of the year’s most fulfilling accomplishments. We hope you agree too and will continue to support Growing Works by volunteering, contracting to buy the non-profit nursery’s plants, and contributing funds so this remarkable program can be expanded to more participants.

Each day Growing Works employees, some who’ve been homeless, some who didn’t believe they could ever have a job, are now receiving a paycheck for a hard day’s work and are on a path to recovery and independence.

Earlier this month we invited the public to a Community Mental Health Day as a get away from the stress and sadness of the tragedy of the Borderline mass shooting and the destructive fires that impacted so many of us. We came together like they do for the Growing Works program, beginning in a circle with stretching led by an employee, then with shovels and rakes in hand we began our morning’s work. On this day we were honored to build an area for composting the flowers that had been left at the Borderline memorial. We’ll use the compost to grow Thousand Oaks acorns into oak trees to be given back in memory of the Borderline victims.

We can hardly believe it’s been six months since Growing Works first opened its doors. The popular program fills the nursery each morning with enthusiastic participants referred to the program by Ventura County’s Behavioral Health Department.

Next year we hope to add an afternoon program for veterans with post-traumatic stress. Turning Point Foundation already provides housing and support services to veterans with mental health challenges. Offering them an opportunity to participate in the Growing Works job training and horticultural therapy program will further their path to recovery too.

There is so much to look forward to! Please consider helping Growing Works to grow its programs by making a donation today, and sharing this email with others who may be interested.

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