Turning Point is able to provide life saving services to hundreds

We hope the holidays gave you time to pause a little longer and reflect on all that we are grateful for.

The spirit of generosity in our community shines even brighter this time of year, especially now that our local community has seen a dramatic increase in the need for our services. It is also when we at Turning Point and those we serve are most grateful for our donors.

The support you provided Turning Point in 2020 empowered us to deliver HEALING, HAVEN, and HOPE throughout Ventura County. The COVID-19 pandemic has made our work far more complex and needed more than ever. We have been tasked with finding new and innovative methods to deliver care in a manner that addresses housing, safety, and the accompanying stressors of uncertainty. The key ingredient is consistent, reliable care. Together, we continually provide this ingredient. It is precisely the combination of our service provisions, the quality of their delivery, and the support of a caring community that will navigate us through this pandemic with new knowledge and improved outcomes going forward. 

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Thanks to your support, we have been able to successfully embed HEALING in our mental health and rehabilitation programs.

In response to closed in-person counseling, our Wellness Center implemented The Wellness Line: a new program available to ANYONE in our community free of charge. It connects those in need to a professional that will listen, develop a crisis plan, and co-author an ongoing set of tools and skills for life-long recovery. These plans have proven to be a vital and successful method of care. If you or someone you know is in need, simply call: (805) 653-5045 – no one should have to endure hardships alone.

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Your generosity helped us provide HAVEN to over 700 people.

In conjunction with the County through Operation Room Key, over 160 individuals were able to take the first step out of homelessness by attaining permanent housing.

We have also been able to keep our shelters and transitional & permanent supportive housing programs open and housing close to 100 people safely, so no one is forced out this holiday season.

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We continue to provide HOPE for the veterans in our community.

Our transitional housing program provides our local heroes a safe place to live, proper nutrition, and a path for self-sufficiency. We are NINE months into this pandemic, and we recognize the realities of the associated fatigue, frustration, and uncertainty. All our programs provide the highest level of safety procedures in conjunction with local and state mandates and we go to great lengths to assure care that is specific to individual needs and relative to our current socio-economic climate.

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In addition to all the work we have done in light of, and in response to, COVID, our Growing Works Nursery continues to provide individuals an opportunity to learn new skills and become gainfully employed.

Growing Works is a wholesale plant nursery established to provide job training, employment, and horticultural therapy to people with mental health challenges; and, of equal importance, the opportunity to contribute, feel accomplished, and valuable. These attributes are the cornerstone for a sense of self-worth and belonging. We are excited to continue to expand this program to serve more people in our community.

Your donations and ongoing support enable Turning Point to provide safety and security during a time of immeasurable hardship. We encourage you to invest in us again this year. Your support not only helps improve quality of life, it also saves lives.

Thank you for investing in our mission; you have made Healing, Haven, and Hope a reality.