We Believe

Happy Holidays

 At Turning Point, we believe everyone should have a home.

Somewhere safe, stable, and where you can recover from the day’s events and prepare for a better tomorrow.

We believe in friendship. Because our friends feel like family, and we hold
them in high regard. We create relationships, hope, and recovery to over 2,646
people every year who are experiencing homelessness and mental illness.

Turning Point provides a safe home to at least 150 people every day with emergency
shelter, transitional housing, permanent housing, and residential care. We help over 15
people per month remain in their homes through rapid rehousing and supportive services.

Likewise, we believe in courage. It can be overwhelming to face the challenges of mental illness
and housing insecurities. However, our evidence-based services empower over 700 members in the
Wellness Center with the ability to identify and successfully address these challenges. This program
connects with the members of our community by providing services in English, Spanish, and Mixteco.

At Turning Point, we believe everyone has
a story worth telling and we are listening.

We believe in seeking wellness, balance, and finding personal contentment. At the New Visions Center and Oxnard
Clubhouse, our 150 members share their successes and provide each other with support to reach their individual goals.

We believe in human kindness and empathy; we are made better when we all work compassionately together.

We believe each day is a fresh start and full of new opportunities for success.

We believe in doing work that is both meaningful and impactful,
while encouraging and supporting others to do the same.

We believe that each day is a gift and seek to provide pathways to a better life. We believe recovery is possible.

And of all heroic pursuits large or small, we believe there may be nothing
greater than helping someone along the path toward a life well-lived.

If you believe in the good work that Turning Point does in our community, please donate today!